financial wellbeing

Help your people re-engage with their work by overcoming their greatest source of stress.  Support your team to feel financially empowered and in control of their money.

for 54% of Australian employees, concern about their finances is a major distraction at work.

Money is an essential part of life, yet two thirds of Australians have the weight of financial anxiety hanging over them every day. This prolonged stress impacts their mental health and wellbeing, and it reduces productivty in the workplace.

As an employer, you have a unique opportunity to help your team overcome financial challenges so they can have optimum focus and productivity inside and outside of work.

However education alone isn’t enough to get them there. People need to learn how to manage themselves in order to manage their money.

empower your team to reach their full potential with financial wellbeing coaching

At Workplace Wellbeing, we focus on holistic financial coaching that equips your people with not just the knowledge of what to do, but the mindset and actionable tools to get there.

Our financial wellbeing coach Karen Eley will support your team in workshop and/or one-on-one coaching sessions to help your employees become financially secure and reach their goals for every stage of life.

Meet your coach and facilitator, Karen Eley

Karen is a financial literacy campaigner and coach, and a former financial adviser for over fifteen years. She helps people who feel confused or overwhelmed about money to build financial competence and confidence.

Her unique step-by-step coaching process uncovers deep-seated blocks about money that subconsciously hold people back. Once people build this awareness, she provides the tools, knowledge, support and strategies to move them from confusion to financial clarity.

Karen is a Certified Money Coach (CMC)®, holds a Bachelor of Accounting, and a Diploma in Financial Planning.

As a former shoe addict who understands the temptation of wants versus savings, she is committed to showing people what’s possible with money from both a practical and psychological perspective.