What We Do

1. Evaluate

We measure the current state of individual wellbeing levels and review your existing workplace mental health and wellbeing practices, assess psychosocial risks, policies, initiatives and action plans.

2. Engage and Educate

We begin with a half-day interactive team workshop to bring everyone on-board. In a psychologically safe environment, we deep-dive into what is and isn’t working in key life areas, then equip participants with the knowledge and practical tools to increase their wellbeing levels.

3. Create

We use the evaluation and workshop findings to identify what your team needs and the style of support that suits them best. We create a tailored strategy that’s grounded in positive psychology and neuroscience. It will consist of any combination of workshops, training, self-assessments and wellbeing activities.

4. Update

We set you up with a feedback and tracking framework to measure the true impact and progress. We consult with you regularly and use the results to update and adjust course in the strategy, enabling your people to maintain long-term wellbeing.

What Makes Us Different

ACCESS TO SA’S BEST SERVICE PROVIDERS – our tailored wellbeing strategies use the state’s best service providers in a wide range of areas from counselling to financial coaching, to give each team the very best support.

SCIENCE-BASED TOOLS & STRATEGIES – our tools and strategies are grounded in neuroscience and positive psychology, a relatively new but highly effective branch of psychology that shifts the focus from what is wrong to the promotion of wellbeing.

LONG TERM WELLBEING PARTNERS – we don’t do set-and-forget solutions. We partner with businesses to drive wellbeing initiatives, and review and improve their strategy over time to ensure long-term success.

Not sure what you need right now or where to start?