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Employee wellbeing is not just an OHS requirement or a nice-to-have. It’s the difference between your business being mobilised by energised and motivated people, or allowing burnout and eventual turnover to spread among your business.

Why invest in your team’s wellbeing?

While the term may be used in many different contexts these days, wellbeing in the workplace means having employees who are feeling well (mentally and physically), fulfilling their potential, and resilient to the stresses and challenges of life.

For your team, the impact is powerful and far-reaching.


Boost Productivity

Happy workers are engaged, motivated and perform at a higher level.

Foster Innovation

A wellbeing culture encourages idea-sharing, growth and creative problem-solving.

Build Resilience

Healthy workers have a much higher chance of adapting to challenges and change.


Safeguard mental health

People with low wellbeing levels are 7x more likely to develop mental illness.

Attract and retain great people

89% of workers at companies with wellbeing initiatives will recommend their company as a good place to work (Forbes)

Experience a proven ROI

For every dollar invested in promotion wellbeing in individuals, the business as a whole yields a return of approximately $5. (Rath, T & Harter, J (2010) The Economics of Wellbeing)

Why Work With Workplace Wellbeing?

A wellbeing strategy is integral to your team’s long-term performance, but not all solutions have the same impact.

Workplace Wellbeing works with you to develop a holistic, evidence-based strategy designed to work long-term for your entire team.

Take the challenge out of wellbeing initiatives

With so many health and wellbeing solutions available, it can be hard to know what services to use. Workplace Wellbeing handles all of this for you – working alongside you to identify and bring together the services that work best for your employees.

Provide solutions that work for all your people

The biggest problem with generic wellbeing programs and EAPs is that they rarely reach and work for the people who need help the most. Workplace Wellbeing specifically designs solutions to overcome this challenge by engaging every member of your team and identifying what they require.

Make a genuine lasting difference

Many strategies have a set-and-forget approach which doesn’t build long-term resilience. We use a feedback and tracking framework to assess what is and isn’t working for your team then adjust accordingly, ensuring a long-term wellbeing solution.

How it works

1. Evaluate

We measure the current state of individual wellbeing levels and review your existing policies, initiatives and action plans.

2. Engage and Educate

We begin with a team workshop to bring everyone on-board. In a psychologically safe environment, we deep-dive into what is and isn’t working in key life areas, then equip participants with the knowledge and practical tools to increase their wellbeing levels.

3. Create

We use the evaluation and workshop findings to identify what your team needs and the style of support that suits them best. We create a tailored strategy that’s grounded in positive psychology and neuroscience. It will consist of any combination of workshops, training, self-assessments and wellbeing activities.

4. Update

We set you up with a feedback and tracking framework to measure the true impact and progress. We consult with you regularly and use the results to update and adjust course in the strategy, enabling your people to maintain long-term wellbeing.

“The workshop was a great chance to step away from the busyness of the office and learn/identify areas that I can work on.  Furthermore, I received an action plan of what to do. It was an awesome bonding experience with the team as well.”

Joshua Richardson, Owner – Growth iQ

Wellbeing is powerful but it doesn’t have to be hard. Discover how we make it easy to take care of your team.