Build a wellbeing strategy tailored to your team

An effective employee wellbeing strategy is a powerful competitive advantage.

But with so many possible approaches, it can be hard to know where to begin. At Workplace Wellbeing, we collaborate with your people to design a tailored, targeted and long-term strategy that impacts their wellbeing and your bottom line.

What to expect

With an impossible number of employee wellbeing programs to choose from, it’s hard to know where to start. At Workplace Wellbeing, we provide a structured and tailored method to nurture the long-term wellbeing of your team.

Step 1. Evaluate

Firstly, we work with you to evaluate the existing wellbeing standard of your team. Using a licensed PERMAH Wellbeing Survey tool, we measure levels of wellbeing and psychological safety. 
We review your existing workplace wellbeing policies and practices, and assess other wellbeing indicators such as psychosocial hazards in your working environment.

Step 2. Educate

We engage your team in an interactive half-day workshop to bring everyone on-board with the program. Your people will have the opportunity to equip themselves with science-based skills, knowledge and practical tools to care for their wellbeing and to look out for signs of low wellbeing in others.  They will design their own wellbeing action plan and have access to resources for further learning.

Step 3. Evolve

We combine the wellbeing measurement data, risk assessments and outcomes of the workshop to identify the specific wellbeing needs of your people and the style of support that suits them best.  We then design a tailored strategy, grounded in positive psychology and neuroscience, which is designed in collaboration with your people.

Step 4. Empower

Equipped with your new wellbeing strategy, we set you up with a feedback and tracking framework to measure the true impact and progress. At this time many organisations transition to the Wellbeing Partner Program, where work with you closely to track and adjust course, empowering your people to maintain long-term wellbeing.

Ready to invest in the health of your team and your organisation?

Your long-term wellbeing guide

Once you are setup with your wellbeing strategy, you are ready to keep your team engaged, healthy and fulfilling their potential. At this stage, many organisations choose to become a Wellbeing Partner, enabling us to closely guide them through the evolution of their wellbeing-centric culture.

“The workshop was a great chance to step away from the busyness of the office and learn/identify areas that I can work on.  Furthermore, I received an action plan of what to do. It was an awesome bonding experience with the team as well.”

Joshua Richardson
Owner, Growth IQ

“Knowledgeable, engaging and easy to follow content that leaves you feeling motivated and inspired. I absolutely recommend this workshop for teams and workplaces looking to gain more insights into their values and strengths.”

Charlotte Griffin
Owner, The Fit Space

“As national gas education training specialists our skilled team are often travelling to work sites which takes them away from family, friends and from face to face interactions with their work colleagues”

Vince Monsigneur
Director, Gastrain

“Bec was extremely engaging and has a warm and personable style that makes everyone feel at ease”

Megan Kloeden
Manager Human Resources, Business SA

“Having the team actively engaged in the program lights me up.”

Stephen Pisani
Pisani Group

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