about Workplace Wellbeing 

Workplace Wellbeing provides businesses with a holistic, science-based, and lasting strategy to improve the wellbeing of every member of their team.

We partner with businesses who want the best for their people, and who recognise that high levels of wellbeing in their workplace significantly boosts their business outcomes.

The story of our inspiration

Workplace Wellbeing’s chief wellbeing strategist is Rebecca Weatherill, a certified coach with a Diploma of Positive Psychology and Wellbeing.  She founded Workplace Wellbeing after life events led to a powerful lesson: that looking after her mental and physical wellbeing was the #1 factor contributing to her resilience, productivity and success.

“Growing up in Coober Pedy (outback South Australia), I developed a healthy dose of resilience, which helped me to raise my daughter on my own and recover from devastating grief and loss, relationship breakdowns and subsequent professional burnout.

Rebecca’s Coober Pedy dugout, circa 1981

Along the way I developed a set of skills and tools that I use to help restore equilibrium when life gets challenging. 

I’ve come to understand first-hand that having the tools and knowledge to improve my wellbeing has had the greatest positive impact on both my life and those around me. I want to be able to share the knowledge, skills and evidence-based tools with as many people as possible – especially in the workplace where burnout is becoming increasingly common.”

Multi-sector expertise

We have worked with businesses across multiple industries including wine, hospitality, fitness, agriculture, education, manufacturing and not for profit.

Science-based Strategies

All strategies are grounded in neuroscience and Positive Psychology, a relatively new but highly effective branch of psychology that shifts the focus from what is wrong to the promotion of wellbeing.

Long-term Wellbeing Partners

We don’t do set-and-forget solutions. We partner with businesses to create, measure, and update their wellbeing strategy over time to ensure long-term success.

Access to SA's best service providers

Our tailored wellbeing strategies use the state’s best service providers in an extensive range of areas from counselling to financial coaching, to give your team the very best of the support they need.

“The workshop was such a turning point for the team and the results have been immediate. Not only has the team exceeded their productivity targets, but there is a real sense of team culture.”

Steven Pisani, Director, Pisani Group