Make wellbeing a core part of your business

A thriving culture where people love coming to work each day, create great client experiences, and are motivated to do their best and most productive work. A hivemind of innovation and ideas. A reputation as one of the best employers in your industry.

For organisations with the right wellbeing approach, this is more than a lofty ambition – it is their every day reality. And when you become a Workplace Wellbeing Partner, it can become your reality too.

Your partner in long-term wellbeing

At Workplace Wellbeing, we care deeply about the success of our clients’ businesses and their people.

Once we set you up with a tailored Wellbeing Strategy, you are equipped to roll out your wellbeing program and track your progress. What’s critical is that in the busy-ness of your day-to-day operations, you continue to implement, track and adjust your strategy for the optimum evolution of your team. As your Wellbeing Partner, Workplace Wellbeing can continue a long-term relationship with you to ensure wellbeing remains a powerful enabler of your success.

Create a thriving teams and a sustainable culture with Workplace Wellbeing

“It’s difficult to change business culture and put team’s wellbeing over profit, but the results speak for themselves.”

Stephen Pisani
Pisani Group

Seizing opportunities through staff wellbeing

How Workplace Wellbeing helped Pisani Group embrace their ethos and foster growth.

Pisani Group is a dynamic accounting firm who supports the financial future of Australians through innovative services. With a commitment to curiosity, collaboration, and understanding, Pisani Group’s strong ethos helps drive success for their clients.

While many of Pisani’s staff embraced these principles, Group Director Stephen Pisani recognised that inconsistencies in staff approach were becoming a hurdle.

“Our growth and opportunities were limited due to capacity,” Stephen said. “We also had inconsistency in the team delivering services, and some hesitance from staff to work as a team.”

This misalignment, combined with the disruptive pandemic environment, had created a complex challenge that required a clear and consistent solution.

Our supportive solution

Stephen Pisani understood that a solid foundation for staff was essential to overcoming current challenges and pre-empting future barriers.

“I believe the team is our number one asset,” said Stephen Pisani. “They are like family, and their wellbeing is key. We needed to support each team member in a structured way, making it a clear priority.”

To achieve this, the Pisani Group sought a staff support strategist. With an alignment in values, Workplace Wellbeing was perfectly placed to offer a tailored solution.

Firstly, we needed to address the staff’s uncertainty around business priorities. By clarifying the Group’s commitment to team health and wellbeing, the team felt a genuine connection to Stephen, the company, and their co-workers.

With an open-minded team excited to embrace change, we moved forward with a tailored support program. The program and its processes were crafted with the Group’s ethos at the core, harnessing the company values to improve the physical and mental wellbeing of all staff.

One key factor to the success of our solution was promoting flexibility in implementing the new processes – an approach that has increased staff engagement and enthusiasm.

“Workplace Wellbeing’s support for my vision and our business culture has been invaluable.”

Results that speak volumes

The Pisani team feels more connected to their workplace with this strengthened foundation. Stephen Pisani noted, “staff members have since been offered alternative positions but love our new culture and have chosen to stay with us.”

The benefits of this new team culture have filtered throughout the company. Since implementing Workplace Wellbeing’s strategy, Pisani Group has improved client results, seized new growth opportunities, and retained valuable staff.

For Stephen Pisani, our solutions have offered more than an improved team. Since implementation, he has significantly reduced his hands-on work while growing the company.

“It’s difficult to change business culture and put team’s wellbeing over profit, but the results speak for themselves.”

New business and SMSF clients
Revenue growth predicted in the next 18 months
Director working hours saved per week
Saved on staff retention

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